We are in the final days of Summer

School starts in a week and I'm, like, in shock?  I feel like I've been in hibernation, just in the wrong season.

This Summer was a bit strange.  Like, it didn't totally feel like I thought it would, but I don't really know what I mean by that.  I think I was thinking of how Summer break felt when I was a kid and it doesn't feel the same now that I'm an adult.  You mean I still have to pay bills and go to the grocery store and clean my room?  Lame.

I spent a few minutes the other night lamenting over my poor children's lack of late nights and pool filled days that I had envisioned.  Then Andrew started rattling off all the super fun things they got to do and I realized it was just me having issues, not them.

Summer breaks in the Desert just aren't going to be quite like the ones of my Minnesota childhood.

All day swimming?

Playing outside from sun up to sun down?

Biking, climbing, being outside in general?

Those are going to have to be Fall Break activities.

Even though we had to find air conditioned ways to be footloose and fancy free, we still did up Summer right as evidenced by the photos below.  Tomorrow we go meet Gabe's Kindergarten teacher (hold me) and school kicks off Monday.

American Girl Cooking Class @ William Sonoma because, Scottsdale.

packing for her first big vacation without me.

Florida then Georgia with her Nana and Papa Curt. 
not pictured: me missing her like mad

One on one time with the baby while Josie was gone. 

So happy to have her home! 

 Straightened her hair.  Took an hour then she jumped in the neighbors pool and I cried.

Weekly dinners with Uncle Jay.  This week Cousin Pearl joined us. 

Car rides to 8000 dinners out. 

1/8000 dinners out. 

Even more ice cream.

"David Buster's"

tye dye sesh

swim, swim, swim
in one hour sessions then back to a/c

dance camp