American Girl Club

Last month, my Grandma told me about a new American Girl Club her neighbor was starting.

Josie was all about it, so she joined right away.  GG brought her to the February meeting and after hearing all the fun stuff they did, I couldn't wait to get my turn to take  her.  We had the next monthly meeting on Saturday and, holy moly, these ladies are doing the club right!

Each month focuses on a different doll.  They talk a bit about the doll, but spent most of the discussion time talking about what the world was like during that time period.  Then they had activities, food, and crafts planned to go along with it.

This month they learned all about Samantha.

It was so funny to hear them guess what was in the "What's New In 1904" pictures.

Samantha was raised in a rich family while her best friend was a poor orphan.

For the activity, the girls each drew a card from a stack and were either a Samantha or a Nellie.  The Samanthas were sent out to play hopscotch and jump rope while the Nellies had to clean.  Then the Samanthas got pink lemonade and cupcakes while the Nellies ate bread and drank water.

The lesson was to show how differently the two girls lived.  It somewhat backfired since the Samanthas didn't feel bad for the Nellies and the Nellies enjoyed the working!  Either way, it was a cool way to show them how life was.

Then they each got to make paper dolls.  They all turned out so cute!

I love this little club!


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh what a great idea for a club! I hope I either have it in me in several years when my daughter is old enough to start this club up, or that someone will graciously do it for me.

Looks like girls are having a blast!

- Rachel

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!! I would love that little club myself :)
Amy King