WIW - 1/18

Another week, another post of me wearing clothes.

This week I added another sponsor in addition to my Target deal.  This post is proudly brought to you by Target AND Starbucks.  Which is probably why I can't afford to buy clothes anywhere else.

A Whole Day With Just Me & Andrew.  
(we went to a movie where they gave us blankets and pillows.  this town is amazing.)

outfit: we all know every part came from target

Frustrating Doctor Appointment ALLLLLL Day

top: tj maxx; jeans: banana republic; shoes: target

Going To Josie's Program At School
This day I caught a glimpse of myself and had to laugh.  So typical.

again, whole thing (starbucks included) from target

Home Day With Gabe - Happy Hour With Mom
I forgot to take a picture, but Gabe caught this one during school.
top: old navy; leggings: target

Zoo Day With Those Wild Animals

it's just embarassing at this point: all target
oh! except the necklaces!  those are from vintage pearl, etsy, and world market


Michele said...

You always look so cute! Target needs to hire you to advertise for them!!