Field Tripping - Phoenix Children's Museum

I'm a total field trip junkie.

If I could go to all the places and just let that count as school, I totally would.  And now we have an entire state full of things we haven't done yet and I'm all kinds of excited.  We are only one week into school, but our calendar is already looking crazy full with field trips.

First up, the Phoenix Children's Museum.

We've been here before, but not since Gabe was two.  Taking a two year old to the children's museum is a totally different experience than taking a 4 year old.  He was able to do everything himself which made my job a whole lot easier.  Josie and Gabe spent 5 hours running like wild beasts through the museum.  We did it all.

At the end I asked what their favorites were.  

Josie - "All of it.  But the Pizza Kitchen the most."
Gabe - "I WUHVED the Noddle Forrest!" (noodles hanging from the ceiling that you run through.  He actually cried going through them, so this answer was a bit unexpected.)

Now, please enjoy these pictures. 

Mostly of the back of my kid's heads because who has time to stop for a photo op?

Lord, y'all.  My kids are a mess.  Josie is in a major "I love pink" stage and 
can we all just agree that Gabe's mismatched shoes and incorrectly 
buttoned shirt just perfect our image?
Sorry Phoenix, we are what we are. 

with the amount of time we spent at the mini sink in the bathroom, I was sure this was 
Gabe's favorite part!


kimmer said...

I love every single photo!!! What an awesome place for their ages! Thanks for posting these great photos!

Danielle Huddleston said...

YAY! New places to explore! That place looks great! Have fun!