Locked & Loaded

First things first, Andrew finally came back to get us!

I'm beyond proud of the way the kids and I handled the 8 weeks away from him, but Lord am I glad he's back.  I missed him something fierce.  I've held it together since he left, but made up for it by losing all control of my emotions the second I saw him.

We woke up bright and early the next day to go pick up the moving truck and get started loading. 

Bright side to little sleep and a lot to do?  Coffee as big as my head.

We sold pretty much all of our furniture so we only needed a 16 foot truck.  

Somehow we ended up with a 24 foot one.  I had been nervous that the 16 foot one wouldn't be big enough, but after seeing this big rig, it would have been more than enough space.  

So basically, today consisted of manuevering the truck into our driveway, loading the truck, and saying goodbye to more friends. 

Our awesome babysitter came and took the kids out for yogurt, thus securing her place in their hearts.  Kim is going to be irreplaceable.

The Glovers came and spent the majority of the day helping us load the truck.  Even though we got rid of so much, there was a ton of last minute stuff that had to find a place or get tossed.  Moving is at the very bottom of my list of favorite things to do. 

We rewarded ourselves with the best BBQ in town.  Well, the only BBQ in town.  Trying to fit in some last minute southern goodness.

These kids were troopers today.  All of the toys are packed up and the playground is gone so they had to have fun like old fashion kids, with sticks and imagination.  They are incredibly dirty and tired and silly.

After dinner, we barely made it to our own going away get together at another friends house.

No pictures.  My kids are beyond exhausted and overwhelmed and they needed a bit more involvement than usual.  We are trying to dole out extra grace.  This is so much change for them.  Josie seems to get it and be pretty sad about leaving her friends.  Gabe has no idea what it means to move so all he knows is all our stuff in in a truck. 

Now Andrew and I are sitting here trying to unwind. 

Which is impossible on the eve of something this life changing.  Especially in a house that is void of all it's usual comforts.

And while I was aware that the house being empty was part of moving, I wasn't totally prepared for how it would feel to spend time here without our things.  It feels awkward and unfamiliar.  I am feeling very in between right now.

Tomorrow we are planning to spend the day with Andrew's parents and likely leave tomorrow night. 

So tonight?  This is likely our last night in this house.

Tomorrow starts a whole new adventure.  Look out Arizona, The Popes are coming for you!


Cristi said...

Travel safely! I think Arizona will be ready by the time you get here.

Sweet Tea said...

You've a new season of family life ahead of you. What fun! Making a move like this is bittersweet, but the world is smaller with FB and unlimited long distance phone service. Go with God.

Shannon said...

What a great post, I grew up in the Air Force so I totally get the hate packing and moving. One year I went to 3 different elementary schools, needless to say 1st grade was the pits.

Have a safe trip!!! Cant wait to read your new adventures in your new home and town!!!

Michele said...

The last night in the house is so weird, but the first night in your new place-oh, the JOY! Grieve the left behind, but look forward to new beginnings! God bless your family!!

Danielle Huddleston said...

That is so exciting! You talking about moving makes me evaluate all the stuff I have. I am in big trouble if we ever move...