Adios, Atlanta

It's official.

We aren't in Atlanta anymore.

Andrew and I left last night, hoping to squeeze in a few hours before our original start time.

We pulled out of our house for the very last time, dropped the kids off at his parents, and headed West.  Well, technically we headed North on 75 to jump on 20 West.

staged picture from loading day

I was a bit sad last night.

A big part of who we are as a family started in that house.  We brought our babies home to that house.  Georgia watched me grow from a drug addicted 17 year old to the mother of 2 children.  Happy, healthy, free from all addictions (except starbucks, but let's just leave that one alone for now).

Georgia gave me Andrew and in that, gave me all of my dreams.

Most of the time those dreams didn't look like I had envisioned them, but at the end of each day, there they were, exactly what I wanted.  I will always love Georgia.  What it taught me about manners and God and sweet tea.  It was a great Home to me for 14 years.

But as we pulled out of Georgia and into Alabama, I felt the sadness slip away and in it's place, total excitement.

I thought that Georgia was it for us.

That we'd always live there.  And I was cool with that.  I could've made it my resting spot.  So this unexpected turn of events, this adventure that I didn't see on the horizon, is, well, exciting.  I feel very Pioneer-ish, heading west with only the clothes on my back and the 76 boxes in our covered wagon (aka: penske truck).

In 30 more hours, I will live in the same state as some of my family.

Holy cow.  I thought that would never happen.

Oh, and the fact that the house is officially under contract makes this whole thing a lot more fun. 

After what has felt like an eternity, we had a cash offer in the middle of July and after a bit of back and forth, we accepted signed on the dotted line. Electronically, because selling a house in 2014 is very virtual. It's a sweetheart deal.  They aren't asking us for anything, which considering the driveway and pool issues is a pretty big deal.  

I'm nervous, but the good kind of nervous. 

The kind that feels like anything is possible. 

We took a big leap of faith and I can't wait to see where it takes us. And if the views on I20 a West are any indication, it's going to be a beautiful ride. 


Shannon said...

Congrats and Have safe travels! All this is God's work and plan, can't wait to read the journey as it unfolds! :)

Michele said...

Welcome to your new home. May you make many more beautiful memories there!

Say What? said...

Happy Road-Trippin'. :)