WIWW - 6/1

Andrew left a couple of weeks ago.

He's out soaking up the Arizona sun while I'm left here sweating to the Georgia humidity.  In all honesty, the only reason I ever get dressed up at all is for him.  So now that he's 1900 miles away, it's tempting to just live in my pajamas.  And while there's probably nothing wrong with that, I'd rather not get in that habit.  

So here's to some online accountability to get up and dressed and not live in sweat pants.  

(obviously before he left)

dress - franklin & rosemary, necklace - target
lord, i need a good haircut

dress - franklin & rosemary, belt - nordstorm, shoes - target

romper, sandals, & cardigan - target

I know I'm 3 years late to the romper party, but I'm a fan.  
Except when I had to go potty.  That took some skill. 

dress - franklin & rosemary, jean jacket - gap, sandals - target

one of my favorites: shorts & top - tj maxx, cardigan - target

keeping it real:

every other day of the week 
I like to go for that "just left the gym" look.


Gidgets Bookworms said...

Love the outfits, especially the shorts. Can you believe I've never worn shorts a day in my life! Love the maxi dress.

Say What? said...

I've just started wearing maxi dresses. I was worried they weren't really age-appropriate, but hey ... I'm 40(ish). Who cares anymore. :) They are so comfortable.