Georgia Aquarium

Last Saturday, Josie and I got to go on a special date to the Georgia Aquarium.

At the start of Cookie Season, her Girl Scout troop set the goal to raise enough money go to the aquarium.  They hustled and moved some serious product and not only sold enough for them to go, they sold enough for their Moms to get in for free too!  Well, I guess technically it wasn't free since I still have about 10 boxes that we bought sitting in the closet.

We went to the aquarium for Josie's 3rd birthday and again when Gabe was a tiny baby.  Both times were super fun, but this time was a different kind of fun.  Josie is old enough that I don't have to worry about her wandering off so I was able to really enjoy all the fish too.  Plus I super duper love watching her with her little buddies.

The dolphin show (Dolphin Tales) was amazing!  I thought it was a movie, but it's a live show with real dolphins, scuba people, and singing.  It even rained from hundreds of feet in the air.  I was majorly impressed.  Every girl wanted to be a dolphin trainer when we walked out, myself included.  I didn't have the heart to break it to Josie that there won't be a lot of dolphins in Arizona.

first photo that she was totally embarrassed to take a photo with me.
what?!?!  I'm the COOL mom!  Right?!?!

It was a fun year with these cuties.  Hope we find a great troop after we move.


kimmer said...

YES! You are the cool mom! This looks like a most wonderful day!