We took Gabe's preschool theme to the extreme this week.

I guess crafting with sand wasn't enough to convey our beach week, we needed the heat to go with it.  Our AC downstairs started making some funny noises so we shut it off until our repair man could get out here.  He came just in time for the upstairs unit to quit working.  It was a toasty 85 degrees up there while we waited for it to get fixed. 

I had to hire a fan boy. 

I'm glad that he accepts pretzels for payment.

Please note: I totally fixed it myself.  YouTube and a shop vac and 3 hours later we were cool and comfy.  I'm really turning into a Jack of All Trades.  And yes, that is the sound of me patting myself on the back.

In actual preschool, we had another fun week with Mother Goose Time.  

We had a few showings that we had to leave the house for so we only finished 3 days worth.  Still loving this program and excited that Gabe is learning so much.  I also busted out the sensory sand I've been hoarding.  It seemed appropriate and I was rewarded with 45 minutes of quiet.  Fun snacks extended it by another 10.

not pictured: sea picture memory game, participation story, and massive amounts 
of crab walking 

And now we are headed out for the real thing!  I'm bringing a few bags in case we have some down time to fill, but most learning this week will be totally hands on!