So, I forgot how fun preschool is.

I mean, I browsed old pictures from Josie's preschool days and knew there was cool looking stuff, but I just couldn't get excited about starting with Gabe.  Mother Goose Time took away all of my excuses though and now that we have started, we are all having so much fun!

We haven't finished our Bug Box from last month, but we have a trip to the beach in a couple of weeks so I just couldn't resist breaking open our Treasure Island Box.  Y'all, we are loving it!

Since most kids using Mother Goose Time would be on Summer Break right now and be finished with the monthly alphabet lessons, we aren't using the lessons exactly like the teacher's manual lays out.  This month and next are review boxes and he's just not solid enough to do it that way.  For instance, one day there is a coconut tree and they are supposed to put the coconut letters on the tree as they tell you what the letter is.  We are using it as a year long tree where he will add the coconut letter as we learn each letter.  So just some small modifications, but thought I should mention that.

Day One was all about pirates.  As you can see, it was a hit.

We are in the middle of a big move so boxes are the number one toy around here these days.  On this day, the boxes became pirate ships.  They watched TV and ate dinner on their ships too!

That's one fierce pirate!

Josie is 7 and likes the crafts and pretend play just as much as Gabe.

One of my main goals this Summer is to get him writing his name.  

Dang curvy letters get him every time.

my writing, obviously.  he traces.

We've played memory games, worked on handwriting, played with color boats, and did some counting.  Gabe is a killer counter.  

Of course, the crafts are a favorite.

Next week we are learning all about beaches then headed to the real thing on Sunday!  

Don't you love when a theme lines up perfectly with real life?!?!

Heather (who blogs at Only Passionate Curiosity) and I are starting a bit of a preschool link up.  If you have anything preschool related that you'd like to share, we'd love to see it!


Gidgets Bookshelf said...

OH My Stars that look he is giving her in the last picture! :)

Mother Goose Time is fun and so easy, perfect for summer and a busy mom who is packing and doing it all!

Boxes are so much fun and can be anything and everything

Danielle Huddleston said...

This makes me miss preschool. We were not craft heavy but we did get to just sit and read a lot. Those were great days, except for teaching them how to hold a pencil. That almost broke me :)