That's A Wrap

I've been a little MIA around here. 

Life has been busy and my focus all over the place. Both made it difficult to form cohesive thoughts. But things are settling down for the moment, due in huge part to school being D-O-N-E!

At the end of last week, I pulled out all the work Josie had to finish before we called it a wrap.  Girlfriend buckled down and did some serious school over the long weekend.  She took her last math test on Monday and when she aced it, I told her she was officially done with 1st grade!

Que the loud cheers!

This is our first year that we are taking an actual Summer break. 

I went back and forth on it since school is such a big part of our daily life, but at the end of the day there's just no way to keep any kind of schedule while moving across the country. I'm sure we will still fill our down time with activities that are technically school, but my lesson planner is blank from now until August. 

I'm excited to fill our last few weeks in Georgia with all things Southern. Well, except sweet tea. I'm more than OK leaving that behind. 

In other news:

We eased into Summer last week with a pool day at Andrew's Mom's house. There's nothing that signifies summer more than babies in goggles that smell like sunscreen.

We discovered a bird's nest in a flower pot on the back porch.  There are four tiny eggs in there.  We are watching closely for the babies to come out.  It's pretty exciting.

First blackberries of the season!  Between the three of us, none will actually make it into the house.

Josie had her ballet recital last weekend.  I love watching her dance.  And seriously, could she be any more precious?

Well, that about catches us up.

Hopefully I can keep my thoughts straight and be around more!


kimmer said...

Love, love, love this photo! Josie is absolutely precious and so happy...and Gabe! With his little arms crossed and that big smile...looks so proud of his big sister! Too sweet!!!

Sweet Tea said...

Congrat's on finishing the school year. I think break's are good! Great family photo!