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Last week, Gabe had another follow up appointment at the cardiologist.

This appointment was planned before he had the fluid build up that landed us in the CICU a couple weeks ago.  We go to a small office where everyone there knows us and each person commented on the stark difference between that day and the day we came in for the fluid.  He was hopping all over the place, making everyone laugh.

He's an old pro at these appointments.  The tech doesn't have to do a thing.  Gabe knows what goes where and what buttons get which numbers.  I'm not sure if that's sad or adorable, but it sure makes for an easy appointment.

I love Gabe's wonky toes.

holding super still for the EKG

sassy little thing

His chest sounded great.

We did an ECHO just to make sure there wasn't any fluid trying to creep back in.  There is a small sliver located just below his heart.  The doctor said that, if it weren't for Gabe's history of being so stubborn getting fluid off, this would be a totally normal finding.  But since he has had issues in the past, we are going to keep an eye on it.

Other than that, everything was great.  She lowered one of his meds.  Yay for not having to wake up at midnight for meds!  He is still on some heavy diuretics, which results in a lot of potty breaks everywhere we go.  After having to change sheets 3 times a day (once at nap, twice during the night), we switched from pull ups to pull ups lined with a pad and a puppy pad on the bed.  That still wasn't keeping his sheets dry.  Finally I tried those overnight diapers.  He isn't a fan of wearing diapers, but glory, it's keeping the bed dry.  God bless the maker of waterproof mattress covers.

We go back in one month, which should be our last appointment here in Georgia.

Quite a few people have asked how his care will be effected by our move.

This was a major variable in our decision to move.  Gabe has done so well overall and we want to be sure it stays that way.  Atlanta ranks the 4th best children's cardiology in the country and Phoenix is 5th.  Gabe's cardiologist was very sad to see him go (seriously, who doesn't love Gabe?), but had no reservations about him switching doctors.  At our last appointment, she gave me a list of cardiologists to research and at our June appointment she will set us up with a referral.  As soon as we get out to Arizona, we will meet the new doctor and proceed as usual with his heart checks.

For now, we are enjoying his majorly increased energy and trying to keep up with his appetite.  Dude is eating constantly!

We love our Heart Warrior something fierce.


Gidgets Bookworms said...

He is ADORABLE! Love his smile! Sounds like you have a great doctor and a good plan in place.

Enjoy your time there and look forward to reading about your move and new adventures!

Michele said...

Glad to hear he is doing well and to see that cute smile!

Sweet Tea said...

Great to read about Gabe's good dr. Visit. Everything is coming together now. So happy for you and your family!