Come On In - Josie's Room

Josie's room is very Josie.

She has strong opinions about what she likes and what she likes is color.  And Lalaloopsy.  Both of which her room has plenty of.

We added the book shelves and window seat as a birthday gift.  I think they make the room so cute.  I envision many days of her reading in by the window.

Also, she has a bathroom two feet from her bed, yet still wakes me up at least once a night to "take her potty."  Someone please tell me she will outgrow that this year.

Disclaimer: Josie's room is also very lived in.  She has spilled paint on the carpet, there are always, always toys everywhere, and girlfriend has a unique way of organizing her bookshelves.

On a normal day, this is what her room looks like:


And this is after I had her clear some paper so she could actually walk through the room.

I'm trying to learn to let this space be her space within reason.  This particular week, she was planning a Welcome Home Party for the Lalaloopsy she saved her money for.  She spent three quiet times creating gifts, making streamers and banners, and creating a play.  Every little thing that looks like mess to me, is there very on purpose.  How can I get mad at all that creativity?

She told me yesterday that it wasn't her fault it was messy, she just has too many ideas in her brain.

All that to say, I heavily staged her room the way it's SUPPOSED to be, i.e. it's never this clean.

The walls are Tiffany Blue.  The lighting makes it look different, but it's so pretty.


Danielle Huddleston said...

So cute! I love her comments on why it is messy :) All of my boys books in their bookcase look like they are on the verge of an avalanche constantly!

Anonymous said...

Both of my kids would get up in the middle of the night, walk all the way to my room to tell me they had to potty and then go all the way back to their bathroom(next to their bedrooms)!!! This lasted until about age 10! Amy K