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What Is It?

Motivated Moms is a company that provides printable planners and apps that are stocked with preplanned chores lists.  The goal of Motivated Moms is to help women have clean, organized homes without having to spend time thinking about what needs to get done.  The tasks on the lists are all very easy, most are able to be completed within a few minutes each.  Spread out through the day, it gives you a very manageable way keep your house clean.

As a mom that loves a good checklist, this program was right up my ally.

For this review, I was given one year's access to the Motivated Moms iOS App.

How I Used It:

When I received my access code from Motivated Moms, I was able to go into iTunes and easily download the app.  Once it was loaded on my iPad, I spent some time peeking around to see what sort of tasks it included.

The creators of Motivated Moms have thought of everything.  These lists are seriously thorough.  Right down to "clip children's fingernails."  This may bother some people, but I just look at it as another easy check off!  I checked out every day's list for the month of February and was impressed with the to do lists.  Many things on the list were things that I had honestly not thought of cleaning.

There were a few that either didn't apply to our home so I decided to go through and hide those so they wouldn't show up on my lists.  It was so easy to edit the chore lists!  With the click of a button, that chore was off my list.

There are also some odd jobs on the list that might not make sense for you to do.  For instance, one day it said to clean the bottom shelf of my fridge.  I wouldn't ever just clean one shelf, but that item on my list just prompted me to give all the shelves a good wipe down.  It didn't bother me at all and I was pretty pleased with my clean fridge that day.

You can also assign chores to certain people in your house, making it a chore chart for your kids or spouse too.

When it came to actually using the Motivated Moms app, I would open it in the mornings to look over the list, make any edits to things that I didn't actually need to do that day, then go back to check them off as I did them.  Like I said before, there were quite a few things on the lists that I hadn't thought to clean before.  I really liked having the list giving me a heads up that I should.  I felt like my house was cleaner since I was cleaning things that had never been wiped down.

My Opinion:

I'm a lady that loves a good checklist, so this app was really great for me.

While I think I keep my house pretty tidy, there were things I wasn't cleaning.  Nothing on the list took a big amount of time, so for just a little extra effort I the satisfaction of knowing I'd get to check off those things from the list.  

I also liked assigning tasks to Josie.  I'll take all the extra help I can get around here.  Turns out she like checking things off a list too, just like her Mama!

My only negative of this app was that you have to remember to actually open it to read the lists.  Silly as it may sound, I loved the daily lists but had a hard time remembering to check it each day at first.  I got into the habit, but it would be awesome if there were push notifications that could be sent to your phone or iPad to remind you each day.

While I wouldn't say this is a necessary home management tool, it is very helpful.  The lists are clear and well organized.  It is easy to edit, either adding more jobs or deleting ones that don't apply to your house.  If you are a fan of chore charts or check lists, this planner could be an excellent tool for you.

Product Details:

Motivated Moms Website
Motivated Moms Facebook
Printable eBook Planner: $8.00
iOS App: First 2 Months $1.99
    Additional Months $.99
    Year Subscription $7.99

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Michelle said...

I was so afraid to review this! I would have been completely overwhelmed, but I like the idea of a checklist! I think I would have a hard time remembering to open the app, too, though!