The Day We Turned A Corner (Day 12)

I'm trying not to get excited, but y'all, I'm excited.

Yesterday, Gabe's output cut in half.  From 175 in 12 hours to 130 in 24 hours.  It was the boost of encouragement I was needing to see that this stay isn't forever.

Today he has only put out 20 in 12 hours.

That's good.  Really good.

celebrating low output with a super healthy breakfast

I'm not totally convinced that it will be low enough for them to remove the tube tomorrow morning, but I would be surprised if they don't take it out by Thursday.

Which would be perfect since a certain little lady is finally coming home that same day.

Josie has had so much fun in Minnesota!  I'll have to share some of the pictures she's been sending me.

Andrew and I could not be more proud of how she has handled this big trip.  Every person from back home that has kept her has sent us messages about how well mannered and obedient she is.  She has been quick to help with anything they ask and was so very brave.  Two weeks away from home is a long time for a seven year old, but she did wonderfully.

She was also spoiled beyond belief.  I'm curious to see how she manages to fit all her new goods into her suitcase.

Today was good.

I'm feeling encouraged and have a renewed readiness to finish this race well.  It was more of a marathon than we expected it to be, but we are rounding the corner and I'm pretty sure that's the finish line I see in the distance.

Medical News:

Not much to report today.

Obviously the lowered output levels are great news.  They did increase his diuretic to 3 times a day instead of 2 to help push things along.  He is holding his sodium levels steady, but they want to keep the high sodium diet in place just to be sure it doesn't crash again.

He had a TON of energy today.  Like, I was having a hard keeping up with him with all his attachments.  I think it's a combo of getting more fluid off and finally getting a couple good night's sleep.

Since he's up walking so much, they cut out some of the respiratory therapy.  That means from 10pm to 4am he is free to sleep.  Add that to the nurses recommending I stay on top of his pain by giving him Motrin every 6 hours and he's finally getting real rest.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow's update involved a tube removal!


Butterfly Wishes Wonderland Dreams said...

Awesome news about bot of your kids! Praying hard for tube removal ASAP!

Carrie Corrigan said...

This is AWESOME news!!!!

Carrie Corrigan said...

This is AWESOME news!

twinkietotmom said...

Such amazing news! I'm so glad to hear you are starting to see an end in sight! I'll pray for continued low output!

Traci Hutton said...

He looks amazing...continued prayers!