Week In Review

We've been having a lot of fun these past couple of weeks.

I was looking through the pictures on my phone and had so many that I wanted to share, I decided to just bombard you with one insanely picture heavy post.  Hope you like our faces, cause you're about to see a lot of them!

After spending a month or so embracing my inner homebody, the extrovert in me wanted a turn.  

First up, Legoland in Atlanta.

We got an awesome deal on tickets with our local homeschool group.

We spent a good chunk of the day there and the kids had a ton of fun.  They got to ride a couple of rides, play on a huge climbing structure, watch a 4d movie, and attend a workshop.  The workshop was actually pretty educational.  They learned about velocity and how to build a car that would win a race on the ramps.  I was impressed.

In effort to be totally honest, I think the regular price for tickets is crazy expensive for what you get (about $20 a person).  I would have felt like I wasted a lot of money had we paid full price.  I felt like the rate we paid ($8 each) was very reasonable for what we got.  I have friends that swear it's the greatest place ever so that's obviously just my opinion.

Anyways, here's a peek at the fun we had!

Proud that I survived that open play area with three small children?  You bet.

This week my baby turned seven.

We had 5 of her little buddies come spend the night.  Everyone stayed up too late and got up too early so we were sleepy.  

But no rest for the weary, we had circus tickets so as soon as the last little girl walked out the door, we hopped in the car and hit the road.  

The circus was amazing.  

Then we hit up Josie's favorites, Uncle Julio's and Yogli Mogli to wrap up the birthday fun!

38.9 seconds after leaving the yogurt shop:

For part of Josie's birthday gift, Andrew is building her a window seat for her room.

It's resulted in a lot of evenings in the garage with both kids helping.  I love, love, love watching Andrew father these kids.  They are pretty dang lucky to have each other.

And another field trip:

We went back to Spivey Hall for another music education program.  

This one was on African drums and was SO much fun!  The performers were from West Africa and did an excellent job teaching the kids about the drums, how they are made, and what sounds they can make.  There was dancing and singing and lots of drumming.  This was my favorite trip of the year.

Andrew's Waffle Houses aren't in the best area so we don't go visit him at work anymore.  

But the concert was right by the store he was at so we took a chance and had lunch with him.  I love seeing him at work.  I forget how busy and crazy his job is so I think it's good for me to go in and get that reminder every once in awhile.  The kid's had fun and lunch was yummy.

Happy to report we had an incident free lunch!

Then, early Wednesday morning, frozen water began to fall from the sky and us Southerners were hit with Round TWO of Winter Weather.

First time was fun, second time not so much.

Amber and her girls came down and ended up spending the night which was a treat for everyone, but snow and ice mean Andrew has to work nonstop (he slept in his car in the ghetto) and we spend the day in fear of the power going out.  We got lucky and other then a few flickers that made us send up loud, reverent prayers, the power stayed on.

We woke up to fat snow flakes and tree threatening to break under the weight of ice and by nap time it was all gone.  Georgia Winters are very, very odd.

Now our yard is a mud pit.

So I'm corralling the midgets inside, which is excellent news for the Lalaloopsies.  The collection is expanding.