Celebrating Seven

For Josie's 7th birthday party we ventured into new territory.

The Multi-Girl Sleepover.

Six little girls to be exact.

Although it had the potential to end in mass drama, the girls all did extremely well.  It was most of their first sleepover party and other then having to put a quick end to the game "who has the prettiest pajamas" everything went smoother then I expected.

Josie picked Lalaloopsy for her theme (big surprise there) and requested a craft.

They had personal pan pizzas, decorated tote bags, decorated their own cupcakes, had a glow stick dance party, watched a movie, and stayed up way too late.  The next day they ate cereal and fruit, played, and wore matching shirts.  Little girl heaven.

Oh, and I should note for the record, Josie was the only one who cried and had a hard time going to sleep.  Too much excitement for one day I guess.  After I laid with her for a few minutes she passed out and was all smiles the next day!

Happy Birthday Baby!


Rebecca Stanley said...

oh man that looks fun (And also slightly terrifying, you are brave!) :-)

Tracy said...

You are brave! My daughter just turned 7, and having one girl over for a slumber party was stressful enough! Looks like fun for the girls, though. :)

kimmer said...

Everything looks like such fun for the girls!!! I love the pic of Gabe sitting on the couch getting in on part of the party! Super cute!!! What fun...you are such an awesome mama!!!