Gabe's Cath Results - still waiting

I kept trying to think of a catchy title for this post, but the words won't come.

So I'll go with the obvious and just get to the meat of it.

Gabe had a heart cath done on December 6th.  

A full month ago.

When we left the hospital, the doctor's told me to expect a call within a few days with the results and action plan for what would be next.  I anxiously awaited a phone call all week and when it didn't come, I just kind of stopped thinking about it.

I felt sure that they would call any day.  I took no news as good news, assuming if it were any sort of emergency, they would have called right away.

All our close friends and family kept asking if I'd heard anything and I casually said, "not yet."

In reality, I think I wanted to pretend the original recommendation to move forward with the Fontan Surgery was wrong.  That Gabe's heart was strong and there was no need to open his heart to rearrange things.  It was nice to get through the holidays without thinking about it.

Last Friday, curiosity got the better of me and I called the office to see what the hold up was.

And I'm glad I did because it seems that his file got a little lost in the holiday shuffle.  After apologizing a million times that nobody had called us yet, they got him on the Case Review Schedule for today.

This afternoon, Gabe's case will be presented to the entire cardiac surgical team at Egelston in Atlanta.

His cardiologist, anesthesiologist, and surgeon will review his entire case file.  Based on that, they will make the decision about what time frame we are looking at for scheduling the surgery.  Since he would have to have another cath done if we wait past the beginning of June, we are expecting a surgery date in early Spring.

We have arranged for where Josie will go for the two weeks that Gabe will be in the hospital and I'm feeling as ready as I can to get this going.  We can't really do much planning until we hear what is decided at today's meeting.  Hopefully we will have all the answers by the end of the week.

As usual, thank you for your emails asking for updates on our boy.  

These next few months will be an intense roller coaster for our family but knowing how many of you are praying for us and supporting us from afar makes it all a little easier.  Y'all are the greatest.

The clothing line that Josie's been modeling for (Mustard Pie) added a little
boy line for ties and bow ties.  They asked Gabe to help model the new line
and I'm pretty much obsessed with every shot.

photo credit: Helmuth Photography
clothes - Mustard Pie


kimmer said...

Sweet boy....I'll be praying today that the team of doctors are making all the best plans on Gabriel's behalf. What a tremendous blessing that you live where the best medical care for him is available. All will be well. How we love this child!!!

Michele said...

Praying for answers and healing! What a handsome little man!! Love the pictures.