Come On In - Laundry Room

Today I'm taking you into our mismatched laundry room.

This room sees a lot of action.  How does a family of 4 go through so many loads of laundry each week?!?!  

This is another room that I haphazardly painted dark green one day back in 2009.  I instantly didn't like it, but tried to convince myself I would learn to like it.

Then I stumbled on a Pinterest image and isn't that how we all get fed up enough to make some changes?  We pulled out the old wire shelf, reclaimed a cabinet from The Farmhouse and added a wood shelf above the machines.  Throw in a tiny shower curtain and some random knick knacks from around the house and I now hate doing laundry just a little less.


Michele said...

Looks like a sweet little area to spend some time! ;) I do think when it is visually pleasing, we don't dread it as much! Actually, it is often my quiet place, as no one seems to follow me into the laundry room- they are afraid I will put them to work! haha