Almost Killed Me

This past month, Pinterest almost killed me. 

As a card carrying member of the "I Love Themes" Club, holidays are my time to shine. I want to do every craft, every worksheet, every baking expedition. Turn a grocery bag into a life sized turkey?  Sure!  Fill it with popcorn for a special surprise upon carving?  Well, duh. 

I love it all. 

And now that I can categorize and store every idea I come across on a pretty Pinterest board, there's no need to worry about forgetting a single one. 

I was doing well, rolling right along, filling our bulletin boards and the front of our fridge with art depicting all we were learning. I had books checked out and YouTube videos in my que.

Then one afternoon I glanced at the calendar and felt my throat start to tighten.

How could it be November 21st already?!  How will I ever fit in our Diary of a Turkey Project?  We didn't watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or make tee pees or pilgrim hats!

Halfway through my freak out, I realized I have at least a few more years before I need to complete this freak out session.  Deep breath.  Count to ten and step away from the Pinterest page.

So now that you have that little peek into my neurosis, take a gander at what we did squeeze in before the big feast.

We started it out with a field trip to Pilgrims To Pioneers at The Rock Ranch.  It was awesome and we all learned a lot.  (read full post here)

We read a ton of great books.

Seasoned homeschoolers have been telling me for years that the best way to teach and learn is to read great books.  I'm finally grasping the truth in that.  So many neat facts in these two little books.

After reading a bit about what it was like to travel on the Mayflower, Josie did a writing assignment about what she would have brought in the one trunk she was allowed to take.  Of course, she only brought the essentials; a doll, pizza, and a pillow.

She made a Mayflower Fact book.  This one turned out super cute.

It was interesting to me since I always assumed there were way more then 100 people on the Mayflower.  Learning something new everyday over here.

This popcorn estimation sheet from The First Grade Parade.  Josie loved it even if her guesses were all way, way off.

We read about Squanto.  

Confession: I totally thought Squanto was a girl.  

See?  Learning something new everyday.  I can't wait to pretend like I'm an expert at all this when it's Gabe's turn!

She got to play with her food a little while showing off what she learned about Squanto.  

In Squanto And The Miracle of Thanksgiving, we learned that he was from Massachusetts.  So we pulled out her state notebook and did the pages for it.

Both kids had a Fall sensory tub.  I colored rice with some Fall colors and doused it with cinnamon.  It smelled awesome.  Then I just threw in some random Fall things and some scoops.  Josie likes these for a day or two, Gabe will go back to it all month.

Gotta have a craft for my child who speaks in glue sticks and glitter.  These leaf turkeys were a pain to make, but cute enough to earn a much coveted spot on the front of the fridge.

We spent a couple days this week having some fun with cranberries.

We read A Cranberry Thanksgiving, researched cranberries, and of course, made cranberry bread.

Josie did this science activity with a bag of cranberries.

We watched Dirty Jobs: Cranberry Harvesting and then did a mini cranberry bog in their sensory tubs.

Then we juiced cranberries and made the bread.  FYI, homemade cranberry juice is sour.  We even added apples and carrots to try to bring it down a notch.  Yowzers.

Next year I'll totally get to make that paper bag turkey, but for this year, I think we're good!


Cunz Family said...

So, did you teach her the art of a Vodka Cranberry? And you can drink cranberry juice to get rid of a bladder infection? Those are the only 2 uses of cranberries that I know of.

Sarah said...

I'm the same way with themes. I have a love/hate relationship with pinterest because of it. You are right though - you have time still!

My kids loved the cranberry stuff last year. We didn't try the juice out though...