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What Is It?
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For this review I was given a digital copy of At Home In Dogwood Mudhole - Volume One: Nothing That Eats by Franklin Sanders.  This is the first book in a brand new series.  It's is written in the first person, sort of like a journal.  

The book gives the history of a family and talks a lot about war reenactment, which is a big part of their family life.  The family decides to go to a more simple way of life.  This was the first in a series so it didn't get too much into the story, but gave a lot of background and really got you to feel like you knew the characters. 

There is a lot of history in this book.  The family is very into war reenactment so that plays into the book quite a bit.  There were quite a few photos that gave you a glimpse of what reenactments were like.  I thought this was super interesting considering so many of the wars were right here in the South.

My Opinion:

This book wasn't really my style.  I prefer novels over autobiography type stories.  I did think the war information was interesting though.  There was also good character development.  I would like to read the second and third book since I feel that those are where the main story will take place.

Product Details:

At Home In Dogwood Mudhole - Volume One: Nothing That Eats
Paperback - $22.95
Digital - $16.95


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At Home in Dogwood Mudhole said...

On behalf of the Sanders family, thank you for taking the time to read the book and post your review. It sounds like you didn't connect with the story the way most readers have, but that's okay. We understand the book's format and contents won't appeal to everyone. We would like to let your readers know they can get free shipping (for up to 2 books, to US addresses only) by using the discount code TOSFREE at checkout. Thanks again, and God bless!