TOS Review - Apologia Chemistry & Physics

What Is It?
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Apologia is well known for their science curriculum.  Over the years, they have grown from selling a single textbook to offering a Creation based science program for grades K-12, a worldview curriculum, homeschool books to inspire and encourage, retreats for moms, and online classes!  They are family owned.  They are constantly coming out with new curriculum.

For this review, we were sent the brand new book, Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics, as well as the Junior Notebook.

How We Used It:

I don't have an actual science program for this year so this was easy to fit into our schedule.  Since we've reviewed Apologia before, I knew what the schedule was like and was able to dive right in when we got our books in the mail.

The recommended schedule is a bit too much for us in one day, so I broke up each lesson into two weeks instead of one.  In reality, it will take us even longer than two weeks because every experiment that I've looked at, we want to do!

learning about volume and water displacement

The book reads like a read aloud, so I read each section to Josie over lunch and we did the experiments after.  One of my main goals with this is for her to learn the vocabulary along with the lessons so I did a lot of having her repeat back to me what words meant.  She really enjoys this as long as I keep the readings to about 2 at a time.

We have done quite a few experiments in the month since we got our books.  Both kids have enjoyed them.  There is a great variety and most only require items you can find right in your house.  You could pass on these, but for us, this is what nails the lesson down in her mind.

density and buoyancy lesson

My Opinion:

I'm a huge fan of Apologia.

My only concern with the other books in the Exploring Creation collection was focusing on one topic for an entire year.  This book erased that fear of getting bored.  We will easily be able to work through this book all year and learn a ton.  Not only that, but this is solid science material.

I love the read aloud style of writing.  It's easy to read and brought on some good questions from Josie. There are a lot of pictures to help explain what they are talking about as well.  Josie is still on the young end for this book, but she is enjoying it.  It's exciting to think of the head's up this will give her for any future science that we cover.

The Junior Notebook was a perfect fit.  She was able to write her vocabulary words and any other facts she learned in the notebook.  She also liked the word puzzles.  The coloring sheets are also helpful on days she was having a hard time listening.  Having something to keep her hands busy seems to also help her concentrate on what I'm reading.

Josie really likes projects and this curriculum is stock full of great ones.  I know without a doubt that they are her favorite part of the school week.  I appreciate that they are pretty simple and don't require any expensive items.

Overall, I think this is a great product for a great price.  It would be easy to incorporate different ages of children making it an even better program.

Product Details:

Exploring God's World with Chemistry and Physics - $39.00
Junior Notebook - $24.00


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