Gabe's heart cath is a week from Friday. 

The first step in what is sure to be a crazy ride.

And I'm feeling ready.

I allowed myself a week of worry, stress, sadness, and freaking over every tiny details and then I took the advice of a wise mentor and "put it where it goes."  Which isn't in my forethoughts.  I let myself feel it and then I tucked it away.  

I reminded myself that the God that brought our family through, well, through all He has, isn't leaving us now.  Isn't leaving Gabe. 

While I will never be capital R Ready, I am ready.

And that's enough for me.


kimmer said...

Just look at that beautiful face! This child...he's a huge blessing to all of us! We will go forward together and see him through and he will have a strong heart. Bill and I will help in any way. So much love for you ALL!

Rebecca Stanley said...

He is so sweet - please please let me know if you need anything! :-) Seriously.

Cristi said...

I'm praying for him and for all of you -- caths are never easy. God has big plans for Gabe and your family, and I can't wait to see what they are!