Come On In

I have no shame admitting that one of my favorite things about blogs is peeking inside other people's houses.

I love seeing floor plans and decorations.  I feel like I get to know them just a little when I can see where they live, where they write.  And I want y'all to know me.

So let me show you where I live.  Where I write, where I snap a thousand pictures a day, where I teach my kids and bathe them and feed them and bathe them again.

I love my house.  

Andrew and I have considered moving a few different times and always come back to how much we love it here.  I want to raise my kids here and have my grandbabies come visit me here.  Personally, I think we are in the perfect location.  Close enough that we can cruise downtown but still country enough to let the kids run free.

It's changed quite a bit since we first moved in.  If you look at past posts under my "Home Tour" label you'll see I had a love affair with deep brick red and poorly placed furniture.  I've since fallen in love with neutrals and given Amber free access to rearrange my rooms at any time.  It's been a long process, but 7 years after moving in, my house reflects who we are pretty accurately.

I take way too many pictures so I'm breaking this into two posts.  Downstairs today, upstairs once I figure out how to get 3 areas ruled by kids cleaned up at the same time.

Welcome to my home.


kimmer said...

I love your house too!!! It's a wonderful place to raise the kiddos and its peaceful and beautiful....peaceful because you live surrounded by nature....beautiful because you've made it so. Although I wish we could live closer, this place is great for you!!!

Michele said...


Tracy said...

Your home is gorgeous!

Keshet said...

Beautiful! I love house posts!

Danielle Huddleston said...

So beautiful! I love how many pics you have around and your color choices!