Roam School - Fire station

At the start of this school year, I decided to join a local homeschool mom group.

One of my favorite people is leading the group which made it an obvious choice to join.  We meet once a month to share ideas and give each other support and go on field trips together.  There are about 15 moms in the group, some have a couple kids and some have a lot of kids.

A few weeks ago, we went to the fire station for a fire safety class.  

There were about 40 kids in our group!  How's that for socialization?

This trip was awesome.  The firefighters were great with the kids and they all learned a lot about fire safety.  They even had a safe house set up where real smoke came out to set off the smoke detector and the kids had to "get low and go."  

I was majorly impressed with this group of firefighters!

* Gabe was there too but was having one of his puny days.  He spent most the trip in my arms or sleeping on the couch at the station.


Tracy said...

Look like fun! - except for the puny day. :(