Documented - 10/8/2013

Life Lately:

A few of my favorite things: hydrangeas, harvest candles, and school supplies

It's finally Fall in the South.

Cooler weather does two things to me; it makes me incredibly happy to be alive and it makes me want to tackle my long project list.  I spent this past week painting things and cleaning things and rearranging things.  And also singing Katie Perry's Roar on full blast at least seven times a day.

And then this happened and birds sang so life's pretty good over here lately.

School Lately:

We are still on a roll with school.  Over a month in and our days are still going smooth.  Josie is learning a lot and doing a great job staying on task.  Most days we wrap up the main subjects in a couple hours which leaves our afternoons wide open for less structured work.

We started what will be an ongoing animal study this week.  We learned a ton about the animal kingdoms.  While we were at the zoo, Josie made a list of 12 animals she wanted to study and we will start our "Animals of the World" notebook with those next week.

Gabe is plugging away at preschool too.

He thinks he is hot stuff when it's his turn to "do school."  I'm glad to have a preschooler around still because it helps me remember to add in art and lots of hands on work.  Josie's classes don't necessarily need that anymore, but she loves it.  Gabe makes sure we don't forget to get messy everyday!

We have been doing a bunch of sciencey stuff in the afternoons.  I currently have a pumpkin filled with dirt on my back porch.  We are trying to see if the seeds will sprout inside the shell.  So far we've only grown mold.

Going & Seeing:

Josie had a super fun week!  Her friend Olivia turned 4 on Monday and she got to go celebrate with her at The American Girl Cafe.  Josie has been saving up for two months to get her dolls ears pierced (we may be cheap on the allowance scale) and finally had enough last week.  We were so proud of her for reaching her goal.  She worked hard!

And we celebrated her 6th Gotcha Day on Thursday with a fun trip to the zoo.  I love the Atlanta Zoo and I really love it when there's a hint of Fall in the air!

I didn't have to be on the go much at all this week, which was very nice.  I usually rotate between wanting to be on the go constantly and being a homebody.  So far this month I'm leaning towards homebody.


For Gotcha Days.  For little red cars that bring chubby checked babies.  For answered prayers.  For adoption and all that word means to our family.  For curls and tan skin and dimples next to noses.  Forever.

If you haven't read about Josie's Gotcha Day, you should.  It's hands down my favorite day.


Keshet said...

You take beautiful photos! I have so many memories from playing with my American Girl dolls when I was little--sweet to see:)