Making Time

This morning, in the middle of breakfast, Josie was hit with an intense urge to make a bed for her bear.

I inhaled the smell of coffee and tried to focus on her detailed description of what she was going to do.  It sounded like a big project and girlfriend wasn't too concerned that I wasn't truly awake yet.  She corralled her brother, ever ready to assist in a craft, and headed up the stairs.

I've long ago given up control of paper consumption here at Pope Academy.  Josie's love language is crafts and, after months of trying to conserve, I've realized that using paper to create is pretty much what I buy it for.  I listened to the rustling of paper and, what's that sound?  Oh, there must be beads and fabric involved in this.  After all, what's a bed without beads?

They'd only been working a few minutes when I realized what time it was.

Ugh.  We'd had a surprise sleepover with my Mom this week that warranted a couple days of missed school.  Today was supposed to be a catch up day and we'd better get going.

I started to rush them.  We had things to do, equations to memorize.  There just wasn't time for this.

As I walked up the stairs something hit me.

If there's no time for this, no time for making beds for imaginary friends, making memories with your little brother, I'm missing it.  What's the point of what I'm doing here if I'm simply rushing them through life?  If there's no time to create, to rest, to enjoy each other, I'm doing something wrong.

I let them finish.

It ended up only setting me back 20 minutes (20 minutes of peace that I can't believe I almost passed up).

Surprise, surprise, school got done.  The bears now have a place to rest and I learned another important lesson.

All this open ended play?  The dirt piles and stick collections?  The beads and glitter and endless markers?

They matter.

(Andy and the Lion activity pack from Mudpies and Makeup)


Amber said...


It's funny because the parents on the beach I told you about the other day, I told them outloud "We believe in play for right now." It's the first time I've said it to a stranger, but it's something I so easily forget in the everyday. Thanks for the reminder.

Amber said...


It's funny because the other day for the first time, I said out loud to a stranger, "We believe in play at the moment." Ironically, its something I forget often. Thanks for the reminder.

kimmer said...

This is awesome! Josie told me all about the bed she wanted to make when I was there and it sounded like quite a few people (her dad, Papa Curt, myself, Nana) were all going to be involved in the making of it. But its so cool that she took the project on herself and I love the bed she made! Very creative! I'm especially happy to hear how you handled the change in plans and let them both create whatever it is that they have in mind! You're a wonderful teacher!!! And Gabe still has his new shoes on! CUTE!!!

Sarah said...

Ah you are so right on. I have completely skipped lessons a couple of times already this school year because the kids are actually getting along and doing something creative together. Sometimes the best "lessons" are the ones we don't plan!

(Did you guys like the "Andy" pack?) ;)