little e's

Hi Y'all.

I hope you don't mind a post about nothing in particular, because that's what this is.

We don't have anything special going on this week, but for some reason that feels pretty special.  Because in reality, these kind of weeks are just as worthy of a post as the action packed, life changing weeks.  It's these moments that get tucked between Capitol E Events that I don't ever want to forget.

Weeks where we cook dinner together, dress up like cowboys, and then take that little buckaroo on a lunch date.  Where there's crafting and porch swinging and a girl's only bedroom painting session.

Yea, that's all pretty special if you ask me.

Andrew was gone the first half of the week at a retreat for work.

He was super excited to get to spend some time brainstorming ideas.  That's totally his thing.

I used those days to run a million errands and have my best girls over.  I've been wanting to paint my bedroom for over a year but was lacking the motivation.  A couple of Starbucks, a bottle of wine, and a bag or two of Doritos and my room finally feels like a grown up space.

After a cardiologist appointment that left me feeling a little raw, it was so great to have Kelsey and Amber here to remind me that this life is full of twists and turns, but we get through them.

Girlfriends are good stuff.

Next week is loaded with those Capitol E Events I was talking about.

Andrew starts vacation, it's Halloween, and glory hallelujah, Andrew and I have a little over night getaway next weekend.  I may have added extra chains to the kids Halloween countdown for it.

I have a mouthful to share with you all about what is happening with Gabe's heart, but I'm still processing.  It's nothing awful, just the next steps in what we've known was coming for quite some time.

And that my friends, is a wrap.

Have a good weekend.  Fill it with all things special.


Danielle Huddleston said...

I love weeks with not much going on! We got snowed in for a week (we live in the south, snow shuts down the city) and I loved it! I am a but of a recluse sometimes though. My parents were worried about me as a child :)