Gabe's Hospital and The Rockettes

Most of you know that Gabe has a special heart.

His condition is called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or HLHS for short.  All those syllables boil down to him only having half of his heart.  He's had two open heart surgeries and needs at least one more in the next couple of years and even with that, his heart will never be whole.

This past Tuesday I met with a young woman who is pregnant.  She just found our her son will have HLHS.  We met so I could try to ease her fears, so she could watch Gabe run and play and eat 17 chicken nuggets.  It's a small, glorious world where us Moms can relieve one another's burdens.  I want to share more about what that dinner was like, but that's for another post.

This post is about the hospital Gabe's surgeries happen at.

Andrew and I weren't there the first two times our son was cut open, heart exposed and mended.  He wasn't even a blimp on our radar.  But there were doctors and nurses that cared for him as if he were their own.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta will be a part of our family for all of Gabe's life.  Every appointment and procedure I've been there for, I have been blown away by how knowledgable the staff is.  How compassionate.  Tiny tools for tiny bodies.  Balloons on every bed.  It's a warm and friendly place that makes it just a little easier to let a doctor work on your baby.

This hospital is a non-profit that depends on donations to keep helping kids.

If you live in Atlanta, you can help out Children's Healthcare of Atlanta by coming to see the Radio City Music Spectacular featuring The Rockettes on November 12th.  For this one night, all proceeds will go to CHOA!  I'm hoping the show will sell out.  Just think what that could do for all the kids that depend on Chidren's Healthcare of Atlanta?!?

The show will be at the Cobb Energy Center at 7:30.  There are tickets at every price level.  If you can come out and support CHOA, you can purchase your tickets at www.choa.org/rockettes.

We hope we see you there!


Rebecca Stanley said...

We are going to try and go :-)