Mustard Pie - Fall 2013

Mustard Pie just released the Fall 2013 line.

We don't get the photos until the line released so it's always fun to see how different she looks by the time I see them.  Like here, these were taken back in January.  I didn't think she had changed that much, but after seeing these baby cheeks I think I must be mistaken!

We will get the Holiday Line photos in a couple months.  It's my favorite line she's done so I'm super excited to see those!


kimmer said...

These photos are so so cute! I especially love the one where she's with the other little girl and covering her ears...fun! The clothes are really great!!!

jordyn said...

adorable! kind of wishing those headbands came in big girl sizes!

Tracy said...

Beautiful! Her curls are amazing.

katherine marie said...

beyond adorable!!!!