Farmhouse Update

Project Clean Up The Farmhouse is well under way around here.

It's been a ton of work, but if you walked around right now you would never believe how bad it was a couple of weeks ago.  We have a few friends that have done so much work up there it's pretty much unreal.  Not sure what we could have got done without their help.

I mean, Josie is a Master Branch Picker Upper and all, but this project requires some more skilled hands.

A big truck rumbled up the driveway and dropped off a dumpster.  

The kids were super excited.  Me?  Not so much since I was a bit more privy to what it meant.  As in, we were about to have to touch the disgusting stuff left in the barn.

After spending a long, long day cleaning up around the barn, we knew there was no way we were going to get it all done by hand in a week.  So Andrew went and picked up some machinery to speed things along.

He spent 10 hours riding this thing and could barely shuffle across the floor when he got off.

But, y'all.  It was worth it.  For real.

They did all that in four days!

I say they because I just could. not. do it.  I did put on a face mask and pretend to be a helper one afternoon, but it was all for show.  I'm a wuss and not ashamed of it.  I'll get my hands dirty when we move on to indoor renovations.

We found a few treasures among the poo smelling piles.

By far my favorite is this massive tray from Pier 1.  

I've wanted something for the top of our ottoman for ages but everything that was big enough was way too expensive.  I caught Andrew 2 seconds before he tossed this beauty into the fire!  It's perfect in the living room.

So now the yard is looking a trillion times better and we are moving the party inside.

The house needs all new electrical, some plumbing replaced, a floor raised, and well, it needs a lot.  We have our quotes in and the contractors will be starting to do their thing soon.  Still not to the part I'll love, the part where it starts to get pretty, but it's on it's way!


Kaia said...

Exciting! Love watching the progress!

Tracy said...

That tray is gorgeous--good save!

kimmer said...

So excited that a few treasures were found! The tray looks so cool! I love how the kids are helping out! Good job!!!