Round These Parts

Let me start by telling y'all what we haven't been up to around these parts, and that would be swimming in our pool.

In fact, it's looking pretty dang sad lately.

We discovered a leak at the end of last Summer, but it was small so we ignored it.

This year it was pretty big and was flooding the yard.  So we drained the pool and tried to fix it, three times.  Last week, we finally had a real pool guy come check it out and, surprise, surprise, Mr. Terry didn't build it right.  We have tried a few different fixes and none have worked.  We have one more Hail Mary attempt before we have to give it up.

But that depresses me, so let's move on to what we have been enjoying round here:

Our garden is booming.

My zucchini plants are monsters, shading out one of my pepper plants and a few green bean stalks.  I'm winning the war on the squash bugs, but it's been a daily job.  I count it as meditation since I get a slightly alarming joy out of drowning the buggers.

We have harvested about 15 zucchinis, 2 cherry tomatoes, and 4 green peppers.  Plus and handful of blueberries that got gobbled up on the thirty steps from the garden to the kitchen.  Let's take a peek at what's growing:

blueberries galore!

green beans on the left, bell peppers on the right

monster zucchini plants

bucket loads of zucchini!

mystery squash turned out to be a cucumber plant!

approximately 2 billion cherry tomatoes

big ole tomatoes

josie's massive poppy plant and our watermelon patch

awesome fig production this year

pear on the left, wild blackberries on the right

beautiful pomegranates coming in!

Can't forget about my homegrown babies!

I'm babysitting a couple days a week this Summer and it's been awesome.  Christian is so patient with Gabe and they've been playing for hours outside together.  Josie and Audrey are two peas in a pod too. I am loving having one day a week that I know we will just be home.  It's been the perfect day to get some major gardening and housework done in between pool hopping.

That's about all we are up to around here!

What's happening in your neck of the woods?


Beth said...

oh that makes me sad! Give it up like fill it in? So sad! Josie told me she was swimming in it anyway:)

Anonymous said...

ok i am in need of help.. how iN THIS world do you plant all that!?! i soo want to but hAVE no idea where to start! help!??!?! REALLY!