Documented - 6/15

Life This Week:

Last week felt busy.  Like we were going in a different direction everyday.  This week we hit a nice balance between home and out.  Andrew was off Monday and I hosted book club that night.  Tuesday we went to the library and hit the pool with the Nichols Crew.  Wednesday I got out alone for a few hours and Thursday we had our buddies over for the day.  Yesterday I babysat the sweetest little baby ever.  He was good for my soul.

I'm working on getting the kids to be a bit friendlier to each other.  It's been a bit of a challenge, but we are making progress.  Don't get me wrong, they are great kids and usually choose to be nice to each other, but Josie is bossy and Gabe is a whiner and the two combined drives me a bit insane.  There's lots of "how do you think that makes them feel?" conversations going on.  Someone tell me it's possible to have kids that get along.

School This Week:

Summer School is going really well!  We are learning about ants and bees, reading Sarah, Plain & Tall, and doing a unit on American Symbols.

Going & Seeing:

The kids had to go back to North Georgia to finish the Mustard Pie photoshoot so we decided to take advantage of the trip and go on a tour of the Mayfield Dairy Plant while we were up there.  We brought Amber and Olivia with too!  The tour was short enough to keep the kids interest but still really informative.  We got to see the milk cartons being made and getting filled which was pretty cool.

The ice cream at the end wasn't bad either!

What I'm Reading:

I've been on a reading frenzy lately.  Normally I don't like self help type books but I've recently read a couple that have been really helpful.  "Don't Make Me Count To Three" is one of them.  I started reading this one when Josie was little but it wasn't very applicable.  But recently the kids have been having a hard time getting along and an even harder time not whining, both drive me insane.  So I picked it back up and it's been a God Send.

It basically lays out how to discipline while guiding their hearts so that they understand the why and how behind obedience.  The author uses scripture to teach her kids and sort of a three step process of correcting, rebuking, and role playing to show the correct behaviors.  All easier said than done, especially since I don't know a ton of scripture by heart.  I've been working on memorizing the ones dealing with whining, stirring up anger, and tattling.  Those are our biggest problems around here so I figured it was a good place to start.  We have a ways to go before I can consider it a success or not but so far it seems to help.

Now I've moved on to this month's book club book and I can't put it down!  It's called Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews.  Good Summer read.

Thankful For:

The past few weeks I've been thinking about how many great friends we have.

And I'm thankful for it.

We have some friends that we've had for years and years that are more like family and recently we've started some new friendships that I already know are going to bless my socks off.  I've met women that challenge me in areas that I want to grow in and encourage me to keep striving to be my best.

It's an added bonus that each of these new friends comes with a dude friend for Andrew and a gaggle of new buddies for Josie and Gabe.


Anonymous said...

It is possible to have kids that don't argue all the time. It usually gets better with age ♥
Have a great day!
Amy K.