This past weekend, Josie had her ballet recital.

She has been in dance since she was 3, mostly with the same group of girls, and it has been a really great experience.  We love her teacher and the studio she takes lessons at.  It has been fun to watch them go from looking like drunk squirrels to actually dancing real ballet.

Josie has never gotten stage freight, but I do for her.

But this year we were both calm and collected.  She didn't even spend her time on stage sucking in her lips or sticking out her tongue like she has every other recital.  She's growing up.

I totally see how normal, sane women turn into crazed stage moms when their child hits the stage.  I maintained my composer but was bursting with pride watching her dance.  I think she's the prettiest little ballerina I've ever seen.

Added bonus?

Her best friend Olivia takes lessons at the same studio so they got to play dress up together.

And just for fun:

2010 Recital
2011 Recital