2011 Ballet Recital

Well, I did my best to narrow it down.

But 4 year olds in tutus with their hair in buns makes my heart swoon so you'll just have to deal with an overabundance of pictures today.

I'm sure the Grandparents that couldn't make it out won't mind a bit.

We let Josie get all Toddler and Tiarraed up for her big day.

It scares me how beautiful she is.  

We'll call that "Reason 12,499 She Will Be Homeschooled."

These are from Dress Rehersal.

It was dark so I did my best to get good pictures.

Josie was insanely cute.  She had her lips sucked in the whole time and was very serious about her dance.

And the girls got some serious moves.

These next ones are from the actual recital.  

She was a bit more nervous.

We were a little later then we planned so we had to sit a ways from the stage.  Luckily I had my mega zoom lens and the tripod my brother just gave me.

I used the lens my Dad gave me.  It was my Uncle's.  He was an amazing photographer and I adore that I was able to capture his Great Niece with the same lens he used to capture so many other kids.

My Mom flew in Thursday.  Josie had no idea she was coming so it was a fun surprise.

Although Josie acted like she was expecting my Mom to walk in so her reaction wasn't quite what we thought it would be!

And, as you can see, Gabe didn't find the whole thing as adorable as I did.

I'm so proud of my Ballerina!


Beth said...

Oh my goodness she is adorable!!! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed all the prep work for the recital. Fun stuff!!

Stacey said...

She is so cute! I am a dance teacher and it is so good to see studio's like ours that fit costumes to cover little girls body's and to actually teach really teach real dance moves. Just form the pictures I can tell she knows her piques!