Peanuts & Crackerjacks

Andrew and I are not sports people.

We don't understand the lure of the Final Four, we only attend Super Bowl parties for the food, and even though we live less than a mile from a Nascar Hot Spot, the idea of watching cars drive in circles for hours sounds miserable.

We seem to be passing this on to our kids.  Last week Josie asked what the players were doing when they "cuddled" on the mound.  Only she didn't call it a mound because that is a semi-real sports term.  She called it a "hilly spot," and Andrew and I didn't correct her because what do we know about baseball.

But we are Children's Healthcare of Atlanta people.

The doctors at this hospital are the the ones that saved Gabe's life, twice, and continue to monitor his heart.  I credit them in a major way for how well he's doing.  I wasn't there for either of his heart surgeries, but I did spend time at CHOA for his most recent heart cath.  There is no fun hospital to spend time in, but I'm convinced CHOA is the best place to be if you have to.

We've attended a few CHOA Kids At Heart events and loved every one of them.  And last Tuesday we went to our first event benefiting CHOA's Neurosciences Program.

The 11th Annual Kauffman Tire Spring Classic for Kids was a total blast, even for us non sports people.

We got prime seats to watch the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Georgia Yellow Jackets at Turner Field. Which was cool and all, but y'all, there were Dippin' Dots and that's the ice cream of the future.  Throw those flash frozen balls of ice cream in a miniature Braves hat and you've got yourself a perfect Spring night.

The only reason I like sports: justified coordinating outfits!

Pre Dippin' Dots

Heart Melted (Gabe already knows more about the game than Andrew)

Nearly every major city has a children's hospital.

These hospitals are saving kid's lives every day.  And while a normal hospital could do the job, these children's hospitals make some really scary stuff a little less scary.  Kid sized beds, nurses donning clown noses, toy rooms and playgrounds and balloons at every bed.

And when you're handing your Heart and Soul over to be cut open and fixed, these things matter.

Check out your city's children's hospital and see if there are events going on that you could be a part of.  Children's Healthcare of Atlanta has a ton of really fun things going on.

We need these hospitals.  Gabe needs these hospitals.


Kaia said...

"justified coordinating outfits!" hehe, that would so be me, too! And dippin' dots are still around?? Cotton candy, please!