Hi there friends.

How's it going?  

Me?  I'm still living in bliss here in Arizona.  I'm tan in all the right places and getting my fill on fresh air and chlorine.

Andrew was here all last week and we spent most of the time outside on the move.

He flew back home on Friday to compete in the Tough Mudder (he finished and survived and I couldn't be more proud of him).  I was sad to see him go, but a little ok with it since I could resume my afternoon napping schedule.

Before he left, we went and had massages and then on a date to a fancy restaurant and went on a gondola ride.  I may or may not have spent the entire ride scared to death of capsizing the boat.  It went down as one of my all time favorite date nights.

We head back to Georgia tomorrow.

I always hate this part of vacation.  I'm ready to go home and be back in our normal routines, but I already miss being with family and the mountains and all this sunshine.  I'm hoping Georgia has decided to go ahead and start Spring.

Time to hit the streets for one last stroll around the block.


Kelsey Nichols said...

No worries. It was 80 here today :)

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad for you :( I would want to stay there forever...well, at least until it turned 115 degrees outside O_o
Have a safe trip home!
Amy K.

Nora said...

Can we all move there please??