He did it

Every year, we take the kids to Papagos Park to climb Hole In The Rock.

It's the most kid friendly climb we have found near Scottsdale.  It's easy and pretty safe, but it makes them feel like real explorers.

Last year was the first time we took Gabe with us.

I blogged about how hard it was for me to watch him struggling to do the climb.  He wanted to do it so bad, but he could barely breathe and it was painfully obvious that he just couldn't do it.  

I debated not taking him this year.  There are going to be so many times in his life that he can't do the things he wants to, I figured this was one that we could just skip.  But Andrew wanted him to try so we loaded up and all headed over.

And y'all, Gabe blew my mind.

Andrew carried him up the stairs, but once we were at the actual rock, Gabe was unstoppable.  He made everyone there nervous climbing higher and higher, but Andrew and I encouraged him to keep going!  We were so excited for him!

Now every time we drive by a mountain he yells, "I want that one!  Get me up there!"

I know he still has a long and unsure road ahead of him, but this was a victory for me.  It was awesome to see him doing something that his heart really shouldn't be able to do.  He's doing so great.

It was a really fun night for all of us.

I love all the views out here.

But this one's my favorite.

Gabriel has a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  You can read more about his special heart HERE.


April said...

What a wonderful thing! So glad for him!

Cristi said...

Way to go Gabe! Sometimes it's amazing what our kids can do, especially if it's far more than we ever imagined.

Little for a Little While said...

I see you wore appropriate clothing and shoes for the occasion :)