Documented - 3/22

Life This Week

This week I was back to my happy self.  Not sure what was up last week, but I was so glad to feel like me again.  We had a great week just hanging around the house.  I really enjoyed the kids this week too.  They played together really well and that just makes life so much easier.  Plus we had Andrew home a bit more then the past few weeks!

We did a lot of baking.  This is the kids making PB&J muffins.  SO good!

And we spent a ton of time outside.  The sunshine feels awesome!

School This Week

We had a great school week.  I had been trying to fit all our school work in in the morning and sometimes it left us feeling stressed trying to beat the clock to nap time.  I was cutting some fun stuff just for the sake of being done early.  This week I decided to purposely leave artsy stuff and some reading work for after naps and it made the mornings so much smoother!  Josie was able to focus on reading, writing, and math knowing she'd get a good break to play outside and have lunch before naps. It also helped our afternoons not feel so blah since we had fun stuff planned.

We did a ton of fun art and reading getting ready for our trip to the desert next week.

Going & Seeing

The kids spent Wednesday at a friend's house while I planned out our April lessons at Starbucks.  Then I rushed to pick Josie up and drop her off at AWANAS before meeting up with Amber and Amy for a reunion dinner.  The three of us used to be together almost daily.  Then life happened and we hadn't seen Amy for a couple of months.

Yesterday we were having an off morning when Kelsey sent me a text that they were getting donuts, could we meet up?  So we did.

I was quickly reminded that donuts are not the answer to hyper kids.  Ey-ie-ie.

We didn't do much other then that.  We leave next week for Arizona so I'm saving up all my go-go juice for that!


For kids that make me laugh.

Case in point; I sent the kids out to play "store" in the woods this week and Josie brought me back this awesome gift:

Not one to be outdone, Gabe followed close behind with his own nature offering for me:

Thanks Buddy.  I'll find a nice spot for that!


Savannah McQueen said...

Oh my. You got some great images of your children this week. I hope you have a great weekend.

Emmalee I. Hoggatt said...

What a great week! I love the dessert lesson and sensory play!

Suburban Farm Girl said...

I love those Cat in the Hat educational books!!! I hope you have a good time in Arizona.