Josie's PJ Party

I swore that my birthday party obsession would end with Josie's 5th birthday party.

I decided that we would trade in the house full of little buddies for a small sleepover, the mass decorations for a balloon or two.

But then I saw this breakfast party online and it was so Josie and, I mean, come on.  She'll only turn 6 once.

I had to laugh when I was looking through my pictures.  

I was obviously impressed with the food since that's pretty much the only thing I took pictures of!  Sorry Birthday Girl, better luck next year!

This party was super fun.  

Her little buddies came in their PJs (bonus: I got to stay in mine too) and everyone helped themselves to the slightly sugared breakfast buffet.  I set up a "Rise & Shine" Coffee Station for the moms (and Travis).  I didn't organize any activities and just let the kids run wild.  It was 60 degrees and beautiful outside.  Perfect party weather.

Party ideas shamelessly borrowed from Thoughtfully Simple
Invites & signs designed by Hannah C.
Placemats from Thoughtfully Simple


Nicole said...

What a great party! Very fun!!!

jordyn said...

That's adorable! So simple too! I live it!

Hannah Chandler. said...

So fun to see it all printed! Great job on a super cute party. :)

Gina said...

Where did you get those straws from? They are super adorable!