Somewhere over the rainbow

Saturday we celebrated Josie's 5th birthday with a party almost as colorful as she is.

I'm a sucker for a theme and this Rainbow Party was so easy to pull off.

Last year's Fancy Nancy Tea Party is still my favorite kid party we've ever done, but this one is a very close second.

I decided to keep it simple.

I decorated with balloons, we did one project, and ate cake.

I think I found a happy medium between "Over The Top Kid Party" and poor Gabriel's "He's Too Young To Notice So Let's Do Nothing Party".

Sweet Josie Girl STILL doesn't like the birthday song.

 Gabriel spent the day charming all the moms.

This party was a total success!

I loved everything about it and Josie had such a great time.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the rainbow theme! Especially the cake and her skirt :) Happy Birthday Josie girl!!!
Amy King

Kameron said...

So fun! I have been pinning rainbow ideas for a possible 3rd birthday idea for Arielle. Happy birthday to your sweet girl!