Documented - 2/22

Life This Week


School districts around us are on winter break this week so we've had lots of extra buddies over every day.  Today is the first day that it's just us at the house and we are in major need of a mass cleaning job.  There are toys and dirt on every surface of this joint!

Yesterday I met up with Kelsey for our monthly planning meeting at Starbucks.  I got March all nailed out.  These once a month planning days have made me love homeschooling even more then ever.  And the girl time isn't too bad either!

And just to make sure I had no down time, I also decided to restock our freezer.  I'm totally not a morning person so I like to have a few easy options that I can stick in the oven for a few minutes and still feel like I'm feeding my kids real food.  I make Very Berry Muffins, Blueberry Oat Pancakes, and cheesy chicken taquitos from Weelicious and a big pot of refried beans from 100 Days Of Real Food.

School This Week

The promise of friends every afternoon kept Josie on task and pleasant this week.  We are going on a girls only trip next week up to Minnesota so we spent some time learning about snow and ice.  She is zooming through Excellence In Reading's PAL program and loving writing in her new journal.  We decided the math program we were reviewing wasn't a good fit for us so we are mixing in our old program.

Next week is a short week since we will be leaving on Wednesday and I think we are both looking forward to a week off.

Going & Seeing

I feel like we saw the whole world this week!  At least the 6 and under members!

All 3 Castellanos kids were here on Monday, Tuesday we had dinner with David, Amber, and Olivia, Brooklyn came to spend the night on Wednesday, and yesterday they spent the afternoon at the Castellanos' house!

Josie and I snuck away on Tuesday for a lunch date and a quick grocery run.

Out My Window

Rain again this morning, but we just had 3 days jam packed with sunshine!  Lots of dirt castles were built this week!

It's also a hot mess outside my window!  Toys are EVERYWHERE!  Clean up in on the agenda this afternoon, if the rain lets up.  I'm kind of hoping it doesn't!

Thankful For

My kid's friends.

A lot of homeschooled kids don't have a lot of close friends, but mine have an abundance of amazing kids to hang out with.  It's a huge blessing for me to watch these little people, most that I've known since they were born, growing up together.  This is the first year that most of Josie's buddies go off to school during the week and it's been an adjustment to not be able to just call them up to come hang out.  Weeks like this make me excited for Summer!


"I guess when I'm a teenager, I'll just have to test out all the boys."  - Josie (6) after telling me all the boys she knows are really stinky

"Mr. Terry totally ruined our dog." - Josie (6) telling a friend about our neighbor hitting our dog last summer.


Savannah McQueen said...

I am new to your blog; I found you through ihomeschool network. And I just wanted to say that your "voice" here is comes across quite genuine. I hope you have a great weekend (rain or no rain) and that you'll consider adding this post to my end of the week link up, Its a Wrap.

Kelsey Nichols said...

Loving this documentation of your weeks :)

Suburban Farm Girl said...

I'm a new follower of your blog. I came through the Homeschool Mother's Journal. It sounds like you had a busy week! I hope you have a great time on your trip.


savannah @ HammockTracks said...

Your post really made me smile...so I am featuring you this week on HammockTracks. Thanks for visiting and linking up!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Hello there! I'm dropping by via Hammock Tracks.

I'm curious about your monthly planning days with your friends. Are these times when you each plan your own lessons for the month just in the company of others or are you planning lessons together?

Either way it sounds like fun:)