Cloud Unit

So we are more then half way through the school year and I am determined to finish strong.

Towards the end of November, life started happening and I felt the blahs sneaking into our school room.  The kids were over stimulated and I was all themed out.  So we took a couple weeks off of the fun stuff and just got in some reading, writing, and math work.

It was so nice to be done with school so fast, but I started to miss all the glitter and glue that's normally flying around the room.  Which I guess was the point of taking the break.

So I spent an afternoon downing lattes at Starbucks surrounded by books and my trusty Pinterest boards and got to planning.

January's theme was clouds and man, did we ever have fun!

cloud type poster; cloud song; KWL sheet; Little Cloud cotton painting; 
shaving cream clouds; Imagine It field trip; Spilt Milk project; cloud viewer;
cloud snack; make a cloud science

Next month I'm taking Josie up to Minnesota so we are going to spend a week learning about snow and icy roads before diving into some cool dinosaur studies.

I think I've got my theme work mojo back.


Kameron said...

Even though I don't homeschool I am going to hit up your boards for some weekend activity ideas!

Sarah said...

I love your theme ideas! Seriously, wanna help me plan ;)