reminder post

Hey there buddies.

I hope this Thursday is being nice to you.  I'm sitting at Starbucks writing, planning, and sipping so it's being overly kind to me.  

I spent yesterday de-sanding my babies and all of their clothes.  I'm pretty sure my car will never be sand free again.  

I also spent the majority of the day staring at this big dose of happy:

Man, do I ever love those three humans.

Anyways, just popping in to remind y'all that tomorrow is First Day.

Hannah made us a fancy new button to match the fancy new blog.  Grab it and get to snapping and I'll see you back here Saturday morning to link up.

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kimmer said...

I always love your first day posts...but then I love reading all your posts! And the photos...well, they make my day every time! Hugs!!!