My kids are homeschooled.

And like all homeschooling families, we get the question about socialization a lot.

I won't go into my long answer about how I don't believe that spending 8 hours in a room with children the same age as you covers socialization, but I will say that my kids are social.

Like, really social.

So I don't worry about their social skills.  But every now and then I like to throw in a day with our  homeschooling neighbors, full of crafts and games and snacks, and call it a day of socialization.

Kelsey has become an awesome friend over the past few months.  

I love hanging out with her and her brood of four boys.  Even if they do wear me completely out!

We had a lot of fun doing some Christmas crafting.  I had all of these on my to do list but art is the first thing I cut when we are short on time.  I loved getting to cross a bunch off in one day.

Well, the oldest three made marshmallow snowmen.  Gabe and Cruz ate glue covered marshmallows.

Then we painted with Snow Paint.

Super easy: mix equal parts glue and shaving cream.  paint dries puffy.

Kelsey's newest enrollee is edible.

The older three played our Gingerbread Sight Word game while the play-doh cooled off.

 And we wrapped it all up with some play-doh cookie making.

Would you believe we did all of that in two hours?

I was in my bed napping before Kelsey hit the end of our driveway!


christina said...

love this. I really spent a lot of time in prayer on homeschooling vs. public school.I did not feel like god wanted me to homeschool, but I am still working on him.lol. My daughter started kindergarten this year. :(

you are so right about 8 + hours is not socializing! most of that time is quite time and busy work!