Babies, this world is big.

Really big.

And it's full of people that are lost.

Wondering.  Aimless.  

And we used to be mixed in there too.

And then the most miraculous of miracles; we found each other.

Four paths weaving in and out, all over the country.  

I found your Dad and he found me and then we found our girl and soon after our boy and look at us now.



There are days that life gets messy and I lose you, babies.

I get overwhelmed and raise my voice.

My to do list, emails, dinner on the stove; they forget their place and jump ahead of you.  A space wedges between us and then there's no room on my plate for another story, another hug, another silly knock knock joke.

But you are both gracious.  So unbelievably gracious.

Patient, loving, kind to this Mother that is still learning the things that matter most.

I find you.

I always find you.

Your giggles, your whispers, your "count to threes and we'll come out's."

This world is really big.

But not so big that we can't find what we are meant to find.

And there is nothing better then being found.


The Edberg's said...

Aw these pictures make my heart swell. They are so adorable together!

kimmer said...

So glad you found them and they found you. This is such a beautiful post.

BumbersBumblings said...

Love this!!! Feel the same way!!

Anonymous said...

Love this!

Becca said...

Such a beautiful post in every way! :-) love it!

Stefenie said...

LOVE this!

jessica said...

wow did you write this?? it is hard cover poetry book worthy. really beautiful.