Hunt & Deck

the excitement of the find!


Anonymous said...

The best Christmas yet!
Happy Holidays to you all ♥
Amy K.

Ashley O'Brien said...

No words but such a beautiful story you just told! It brought tears to my eyes :)

Kelsey said...

Um, how did you get MY car? LOL!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


We'll be heading to a farm this weekend to pick and cut our tree. We haven't had a live one in three years. I can't wait. This will be the first time my children have visited a tree farm to get their tree.

maria said...

I love these photos, your kids are too cute! We're setting up our tree this weekend! Can't wait to see the look on my 4 month olds face!

p.s. Love your blog, been reading along for a bit now!

kristin said...

ohhh my goodness, what a BEAUTIFUL family you have!
{found you via "embrace the camera" linkup}

Kate said...

Those little striped pants are too much and goodness, your mantle and shelf are just perfect!
Happy Thursday!

Jacci in Ohio said...

Love this post! Sometimes all you need is the photos :) You did a beautiful job storytelling!