It's been a bit heavy around here this week.

Not only am I sorting through my feelings about Khyla going home, but a lot of close friends are going through some yucky stuff and it stinks to not be able to do anything to help.  

Plus it's Christmas and Christmas is always a kind of bummer of a time for people that live far from family.  I hate shipping gifts instead of hand delivering and really could use a splash of snow instead of this 70 degree junk.  Tuesday we were blasting Christmas carols with all the windows open and bare feet in the yard.


So I needed some giddy up in my Christmas Spirit and a small town parade sounded like the perfect solution.

I was right.

All head coverings merely for looks and to make us feel Christmassy.  It was balmy out. 

We live just outside of a small town.

Just recently we've had some friends move to the town and now we get to do fun things like accidentally run into buddies at Christmas Parades.

Seriously made the kids night.

I do wish that Parade Etiquette was still taught though.

I grew up going to small town parades and if you got there early, you got a curb seat and everyone after that sat behind you.  Our town folk seem to think it's ok to just stand in front of the adorable kids on the curb.  Luckily our kids are all easy going and didn't mind moving a billion times to get to see.

Hot cocoa in a thermos, good friends, and real live reindeer.

I've got a little ways to go, but I think I hear the sound of Jingle Bells in the distance.


kimmer said...

Brings back memories of parades on Main Street in Rogers! You're so right about parade etiquette! I would've had to have a word with anyone that came and stood I'm front of our littles elves!!! Anyhoo....these pictures are priceless!!!