Food Groups Unit

Before we dove into our Halloween candy, I thought we'd spend October learning about the food groups.

This was a fun and easy unit.  I printed out this My Food Groups Book from The First Grade Sweet Life and used it as the backbone for our lessons.  The packet had great worksheets for each group that were easy to build on to.


lots of books about dairy, video on dairy cows, homemade butter
(we also ate a lot of dairy this week!)


lots of books about fruit, fruit poems, banana skin experiment, fruit necklace

For grain and protein we just did the worksheets in the pack.


Well, you know.  

Josie enjoyed each section, but she really loves reading the completed book.  We have shared it with quite a few people and it's fun to see how proud she is of all the work she put into it.  I'm thinking of ways to create more books for her to keep.

We finished it up by tracking our food for a day.

Pretty interesting to see what we eat.  It was the day after Halloween so I did not track our sugar!


Penina said...

Hi! This all looks so great! I tried to download the "My Food Groups Book" from the link but it didn't work. Do you happen to have a copy that you could email me? morgaine317@gmail.com Thanks!