This post is full of things that are pretty typical around our house.

It's typical that after working about 80 hours in the past 6 days, Andrew would come home to a long list of honey do's for his off days.  The dude was on it and knocked out hanging 3 sets of curtains, washing the car, taking Josie for a special treat, and the much dreaded pumpkin carving in just a couple of hours.

I love the idea of traditions.  However, it's 100% typical that I do not enjoy carrying them out.

Every year I buy a pumpkin with the intention of making some magical Halloween memories.  But carving pumpkins is kind of hard and I'm not artistic so they always look goofy (not in the good way) and last year I almost lost a finger getting the nose out.

Andrew is typically not a fan of my tradition ideas.  He knows when I ramble them off that he is going to get roped into to the parts I don't want to do.

But he's a good sport, a great dad, and I promised him an untimed trip to SAM's Club on a Saturday if we could just get the pumpkin done.

The man delivered.

Typical Josie and Gabe.  Josie digging in with bare hands, Gabe screaming if any pumpkin guts touch his skin.  He was meant to by my child. 

Typical staged shot to make it appear as though I had any part in the making of this jack o'lantern other then purchasing the pumpkin.

Also typical: top half dressed and ready, bottom half still in PJs.

I rounded out Andrew's weekend off by toting us all downtown to have family pictures done.  

Jamie Worley (Jamie Worley Photography) met us in Piedmont Park to update our photo wall.  Gabe wasn't even Gabe yet the last time we had a group shot done.  I remember asking Amber if I should have him in our pictures since we weren't sure if he was going to be staying.

Needless to say, I'm glad she smacked me and told me that if that fat baby wasn't sitting next to us she wasn't going to make me Darby Pie anymore.

So anyways, what is typically a torturous experience (family photos) was actually totally painless and pleasant.  I told Jamie I only needed 4 shots and decided to relax and let the kids, and Andrew, just be themselves.  

Best weekend ever.

I love our typical selves.


See Jamie blog said...

Aw, thanks!! I had such fun with y'all! :)

kimmer said...

Love your traditions!!! And I'm really glad you didn't hurt any fingers in the carvings this year!!!

Kameron said...

We bought pumpkins to carve 2 weeks ago and they are still sitting on our table. lol We should probably do that before Halloween, right?? I can't wait to see your pics!

Stefenie said...

This post made me giggle. You are too funny!